LeadersBench™ provides future business leaders with the right information and techniques to help theme excel in this job. This curriculum offers the basics of the process, as well as some advanced techniques and team building strategies. Altogether, it should help student prepare to be a good leader of his or her team. LeadersBench™ is the path to becoming a strong leader and obtaining a Leadership Certificate. Qualities such as accountability, responsibility, efficiency, effectiveness, resilience, inspiration, reflection and emotional intelligence are all crucial to development of good leadership in the workplace. This curriculum offers you all the information you need to develop these qualities and become an effective business leader.

Job Description

A business leader is the one who establishes a clear vision and communicates that vision to others. This person is responsible for providing organizational efficiency and effectiveness while coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders. The leader is self-aware, reflective, resilient, and inspiring to subordinates who follow willingly through knowledge and methods to realize and achieve the organizational vision and goals. The leader is responsible for managing overall business risk and ensuring organizational accountability.

Curriculum Purpose

LeadersBench™ is intended to be a foundation and a support system to build upon as the entrepreneur becomes a good business leader. It offers courses that will help him or her communicate, think, and lead in the right way that will make the employees see them as a role model and inspiration for success. It offers a selection of courses for a business leader who wants to excel at their work. It is meant to help them understand each of the important characteristics of a good business leader, their importance and most importantly, how to achieve them.

Curriculum Scope

The LeadersBench™ curriculum starts from introducing leadership and making a difference between a leader and a manager. Through several courses, it brings up the most important topics when it comes to emotional intelligence. It also offers advanced skill of writing, meeting participation and presentation. Then, the curriculum offers insight into team building and leading a virtual team, followed by advice on critical thinking and strategic planning. The courses in the second half of the LeadersBench™ curriculum are focused on the most important characteristics each leader has to have, from accountability, effectiveness and efficiency, to inspiration, reflection, resilience and responsibility. It also covers the connection between leadership and risk management, as well as pattern recognition.


ProficiencyBench™ courslets:

  1. Setting and Achieving Goals
  2. Adjusting to the Workplace
  3. Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  4. Managing Stress
  5. Managing Time
  6. Writing Effectively
  7. Displaying Ethical Behaviors
  8. Communicating in Meetings
  9. Leading Group Meetings
  10. Working on Teams
  11. Networking with Professionals
  12. Creating and Delivering Presentations

These courselets can be taken as part of the ProficiencyBench Curriculum or as CEUs

Certificate requisites

Academic: To fulfill the academic requirements of the curriculum, students must complete the curriculum with all courselets and satisfactorily go through the curriculum with all courselets and satisfactorily complete five lab assignments, as well as the knowledge checks in the curriculum. Knowledge checks and the lab assignments are created to test student achievement of established learning outcomes. Learning outcomes support curriculum purpose and scope.

Certificate Issuance: To obtain a Leadership certificate a student must fulfill all the academic requirements and pass an exam.

Certificate maintenance and use:

Certificate term of validity is two years. In order to maintain the certificate, a student must obtain 20 PDUs or 2 CEUs (20 hours of continuing education) over a 24 month period. If the student fails to acquire sufficient continuing education, the certificate is invalidated.

Completion requirements

Study course materials

Pass all knowledge checks, labs and exams


Student will receive Certificate of Completion upon completing the academic requirements of the LeadersBench™ Curriculum. Student will also be awarded a Leadership certificate upon completing the Leadership Exam. Certificates are available for download upon completion.

Designation and Acronym Granted

LeadersBench™ certificate

Technical Requirements

For hardware, we recommend a dual-core CPU with at least 2G of memory. We recommend any operating system capable of running the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 5.x and later. For browser, we recommend running either Mozilla Firefox 5.x and later or Chrome. Why? Both browsers provide excellent support for web real-time communications (WebRTC). Safari 5.x and later, Internet Explorer 10.x and later, and Microsoft Edge will work as well, but Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 5.x and later will deliver better audio in lower bandwidth conditions.

Information Regarding Changes to the Certificate Program

The Center for Business Acceleration will strive to deliver its courselets and curriculums in accordance with the descriptions provided on the CBA website at the time of enrollment. However, in some situations it might be beneficial or necessary for the CBA to implement changes to courselets or curriculums. The changes will not be very substantial so as to have impact on students who have already started their courselet or curriculum. In some circumstances where it is necessary for the CBA to implement such changes after enrollment due to developments in the relevant subject, advances in teaching or evaluation practice, or requirements of accreditation processes, students will be notified of the changes made to courselets or curriculum immediately.